What should you do if you hate your family?

Answer Unfortunately you can't pick your family but family is all you have when push comes to shove.I dont know what your history is ,maybe you have a right to hate your family but if its only a petty thi... Read More »

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I HATE getting my picture taken. What should I do at my family reunion?

Continued .... Everyone kept trying to take my picture at last years reunion and when they tried I would cover my face with my hands, turn my back or even get up and walk away from them. When I wou... Read More »

What to do when you hate your father but don't want to lose the rest of your family?

if you or someone else in your family is being abused tell a teacher, tell a friend, call the local police.

Why does your family hate you?

maybe they dont think your their type

What if your little sister is always so mean to me I hate it She is tearing my family apart She's just 8 I am 13 How do I fix this?