What should you do if you hate your family?

Answer Unfortunately you can't pick your family but family is all you have when push comes to shove.I dont know what your history is ,maybe you have a right to hate your family but if its only a petty thi... Read More »

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Y do plp hate family guy?

I enjoyed Family Guy for a long time. But after watching some of the episodes over and over again you begin to notice something. The episodes are about 10 minutes long. What Seth and co. do is have... Read More »

Why does your family hate you?

maybe they dont think your their type

Can you hate family?

Yes, it is possible for someone to detest their family either because the family is not a good one or, because the person who detests them expects too much from their family or, can't get what they... Read More »

Tokio hotel family: don't you hate it when...?

YES, i have a "friend" like that, who loves anything and evrything i like. and im usually okay with that until she came to school one day wearing a Tokio Hotel T- shirt!!!! I was like Ohh, whuts ur... Read More »