What should you do if you cant remember your iPod code?

Answer Buy new iPod :)

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What if you jailbreak your iPod but cant find limerian on your iPod Touch?

Then you probably didn't follow all of the directions. Reset you iPod, follow the limera1n jailbreak directions once again, and then the limera1n app should show up on your home screen

I have a new ipod touch for x-mas and i cant get it to work. what should i do?

The same thing happened to me all you have to is load itunes on your computer and plug the usb cord to the computer and to the ipod and just wait.

What do you do when you don't remember your apple iPod touch password?

Do you mean your passcode? (a combination of four numbers 0-9). If so, just think about it for a minute. Was it your address? Your lucky number? The last 4 digits of your phone number? Maybe it had... Read More »

You don't remember your password of my iPod how can you do to get it?

If you don't remeber, you can hook it up to iTunes and hit restore. I think it erases everything on your iPod, though.