What should you do if you are having a baby at the age of 13?

Answer Answer Tell your parents. It's going to be hard to do, but it is the one single most important thing you can do. And the sooner you do it the better. They will help you make the decisions that are ... Read More »

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What age do you think is the youngest people should even CONSIDER having a baby?

21 if you talking a must! to be real honest 24 25 would be perfect! cause they would have got all their partying out. and past the stage of "bad guys" are hot! parents probably arent pampering them... Read More »

Has any link been suggested between a baby having had blue baby syndrome and later at 3 yrs having epilepsy?

No as the blue baby is caused by a whole in the heart, and not epilepsy.

Should you risk having a baby arfter the age 46?

This is a question which must be discussed with your doctor rather than with strangers who might well have their own moral, ethical and medical views on the subject.You need dispassionate and profe... Read More »

When should you get you period after having a baby?

If your breast feeding, you may not get it back till you stop breastfeeding. I breast fed 2 of my children for about 2 years and mine came back when they were about 8 months when I started to feed ... Read More »