What should you do if a guy does not notice you and you like him?

Answer Well, you could approach him in a friendly demeanor, and see where that can take you. Or even easier, have a mutual friend aid. Its always hard but when you like someone, but they do not notice you... Read More »

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What should be included in a copyright notice?

On One Hand: A Copyright Notice Is Not Necessary.Your work is protected the minute you put it in a tangible form. For example, if you write, copyright protection for your written work begins when y... Read More »

How soon could you notice abdominal changes in early pregnancy and what would you notice?

Answer Pregnancy releases a hormone that softens your muscles for child birth the first sign you going to notice is a soft flabby stomach, or you'll look bloated.

How to Get the Guy You Like to Notice You?

This article is about how to get that cute guy you like to notice that you are into him.

What should you do if your girlfriend is pregnant and you would like to keep it but you are not married yet and you would like to marry her and what should you do about insurance?

Answer You should have thought about the insurance before you got her pregnant. You'll have to apply for it. I do believe there is also Blue Cross which is extended medical. Do your homework on th... Read More »