What should you do for a sick 17-month-old who will not eat or drink if he has no signs of fever but is vomiting and can't keep anything down?

Answer Answer Take him/her to the doctors as he/she may suffer from dehydration. Answer I say you get the kid help. (Just a suggestion.) Answer Immediately bring your child to a Pediatrician, a Clinic or... Read More »

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If I force myself to be sick, will it only be once or will I keep vomiting?

I am bulimic, and after about two years of constantly making myself sick, I lost control. I cannot eat in front of people, and any foods that are not vegetables or rice will make me immediately si... Read More »

What can i feed a dog that has been sick&vomiting?

Vomiting is a common problem for dogs. If your dog has been vomiting, it's a good idea to refrain from feeding him for 24 hours. After this initial fasting period, you can give your dog certain foo... Read More »

Your daughter has had fever vomiting and severe headaches for 4 days now is this some type of virus?

I hope you have shown her to a doctor. While any fever can cause headache and vomiting the combination of fever, severe headache and vomiting should be taken seriously.

Everytime I wake up my stomach feels sick like vomiting!!?

Same here except I'm 13 and also a virgin. Idk what it is but its normal