What should you do about stray kittens in a bush?

Answer Help them by giving them food or water. You can give them to your nearest pet store, Or you can, of course keep them. Or if you want to call animal control. Or bring them to the humane society your... Read More »

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How to Tell When a Stray Cat Is Going to Have Kittens?

According to the ASPCA, a stray cat is someone's pet that is lost or abandoned. Stray cats differ from feral cats, which are cats that are born and live in the wild. When a person comes upon a stra... Read More »

Diseases to Worry About With a Stray Cat?

Many people attempt to adopt feral kittens or stray cats off the street, with the hope that if the animal is tamed, loved and cared for, it will eventually become a good house pet. However, these a... Read More »

Facts About Calico Kittens?

Calico kittens have a coat pattern consisting of white, orange and dark colored patches. The genetics of this unique pattern come from a gene carried only on the X chromosome.

How Old Should Kittens Be to Leave Their Mother?

Santa Claus, reindeer, ornaments, wreaths, stockings and decorated trees galore -- no season offers more crafting ideas than Christmas. Children often start making crafts for Christmas in school w... Read More »