What should you call your ex-sister-in-law?

Answer Your ex-sister-in-law is either the ex-wife of your brother or the sister of your ex-spouse. In either case, the English language has not yet developed a term describing her relationship to you.

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What do you call the lady that is your mother's only sister's husband's sister in law He has no brothers?

Your mother's sister is your aunt and her husband is your uncle. If he has no brothers, his sister-in-law must be either your mother or another one of your mother's sisters (your aunt)

What do you call your mothers only sister husbands sister in law and he has no brothers?

No, once you have divorced your ex spouse his family are considered exes as well. However, sometimes especially the daughter-in-law and mother-in-law may have formed a close bond and still remain f... Read More »

What do you call someone who is your mother's only sister's husband's sister-in-law?

I think this is best encapsulated by the phrase "no relation". Unless you're trying to be clever, in which case the answer is "Mom."However, that's not all that clever really, since your mother's b... Read More »

What do I call my half-sister's cousin... Half-sister... Step-sister... something else... why?

your half sisters cousin would be your cousin because i have a haldf siter and brother and they call my cousins their cousins but if you don't feel cofable about that just call them your half cousin