What should you are only 11 and are pregnant and have not told anyone?

Answer Answer do you mean eleven years old tell someone cause that can be dangerous if something happens to you or the baby why are you having sex at eleven slow down your just a baby yourself things are... Read More »

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You had dry-sex with your boyfriend a week ago and you are terrified that you might be pregnant 3 guys told you that your tummy looks big Am you pregnant HELP?

#1 you dont start showing until at least 16 weeks. So people saying your stomach is looking big does not indicate your pregnant #2 dry sex, unless he ejaculated on your vagina, then there is no pos... Read More »

How do you tell your ex boy friend that you are pregnant with his child after you told you cant get pregnant anymore?

stop lying. First off, let me say we can assume you lied about the fact that you can't get pregnant. Doctors do not throw that statement around, and nobody told you that. The only time "you can't... Read More »

What is the one piece of advice you wish you had been told when pregnant!?

i wish someone had prepared me with witty comebacks to the same questions over and over again "when are you due? boy or girl? is this your first? how do you feel?" blah blah blah i get tired of it... Read More »

What was your husband's first sentence when you told him you were pregnant?

With my first it was him jumping around screaming Im gonna be a father....(very excited)With my second it was wide eyed are you sure??