What should we know about selective reduction?

Answer Dude, tell your wife that she already looks like an elephant, therefore, she should gestate like one. Tell her to have some pride!

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1988 Where can I find my selective service number not found in selective service system?

That Selective Service document was so important, the army wouldn't even accept a volunteer enlistee without it. And all this during a time of draft dodging and escapes to Canada! The document shou... Read More »

What is a selective herbicide?

Selective herbicides stunt or kill weeds without damaging the surrounding grass. Non-selective herbicides kill all plants. All herbicides can act as both selective and non-selective depending on co... Read More »

What does highly selective mean?

"Highly" is defined as having high approval, being esteemed or having high rank. The word "selective" means selecting carefully or discriminatingly. The phrase "highly selective" describes a person... Read More »

Why do men have selective hearing?

The question might be more accurate if it stated, "Why do some men have selective hearing?" Because more than likely, "not ALL men have selective hearing" which is what the question implied.However... Read More »