What should the temperature be inside refrigerator?

Answer it depends on what you have it set on

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Is the air inside a refrigerator typically less humid than the air the refrigerator?

I assume your question should end with "than the air outside the refrigerator". If so then the answer is yes. Most of the humidity in the air inside the fridge (and freezer) will condense onto the ... Read More »

Why is the temperature inside a greenhouse usually warmer than the temperature outside?

Because the heat from the sun hits the green house and stays in and plus the plants provide a little heat to and the green house has glass walls to also help keep the heat trapped in. The air outsi... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Mold Inside a Refrigerator?

Mold will form in your refrigerator if you do not clean it often. Keeping your refrigerator clean can be a challenge, especially in a large household. If you notice mold in your refrigerator, clean... Read More »

Does Air Circulate Inside a Refrigerator?

A refrigerator uses an evaporator, a condenser and a compressor to remove heat and cool the air inside. For any type of refrigerator, air circulation is important not only outside the appliance, bu... Read More »