What should the temperature be for baby chickens while in an incubator?

Answer According to the University of Illinois, optimum temperature for incubating a fertile egg is 100.5 degrees Fahrenheit with a range of 99 to 103 degrees. The University of Missouri states that chick... Read More »

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Should you avoid handling pet chickens while pregnant?

No they are fine. Not harmful at all. Just wash your hands after each time you hold them, like you should for all animals anyway even if you are not pregnant.

How warm should you keep baby chickens?

Baby chickens should be kept where it is 90 to 95 degrees during their first week of life. You may lower the temperature five degrees each week until you get to 70 degrees. A 250-watt bulb hung 18 ... Read More »

What temperature should a baby have?

All humans have an internal average temperature of 98.6 degrees F.

What should an under arm temperature be in a baby?

I believe it shoud be between 97.00 and 98.00anything over 99 you should see the doctor, and you always add a degree tot he reading for the accurate temperature hence over 99 would really be about ... Read More »