What should the mother of the groom wear?

Answer On One Hand: Wedding EtiquetteTraditional wedding etiquette suggests that the mother of the groom should get her dressing cues from the mother of the bride, so as not to clash or compete. It is a g... Read More »

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Is it okay for the mother of the groom to wear black?

On One Hand: Modern Rules of EtiquetteYears ago, wedding etiquette experts said that mothers of the grooms should stay away from ivory (to not match the bride), red (too punchy) and black (can sugg... Read More »

Is it proper for the mother of the groom to wear sandals without nylons?

On One Hand: Go Without NylonsThe mother of the groom may absolutely go without nylons when wearing sandals. Nylons tend to bunch up at the toe, and can be unflattering when worn with sandals or o... Read More »

Should the mother of the groom give a bridal shower?

On One Hand: Traditional EtiquetteTechnically, a bridal shower should be given by the bride's matron- or maid-of-honor or one of her best friends. Family members are not supposed to host the shower... Read More »

What should the mother of the bride wear?

On One Hand: Formal WeddingsFloor-length gowns are appropriate for formal weddings, whether during the day or evening. Heels and jewelry should have a more formal feel to them, as well. Do not wear... Read More »