What should the minimum requirements be for a new desktop computer for a family?

Answer Since you're not looking for anything too high tech then just about any computer you grab off the shelf within your price range will suit your needs. And that's the truth. Now if you want to talk s... Read More »

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The Minimum Computer Requirements for AT&T DSL?

Digital subscriber line (DSL) is a type of Internet service that uses your home's copper phone wiring to provide broadband. DSL is much faster than dial-up and ISDN connections, but may not work on... Read More »

Minimum Computer Requirements to Run Solid Edge?

Solid Edge is a design system used by mechanical engineers to create and manage 3D digital prototypes in Microsoft Windows. Merging design management capabilities with CAD tools, it offers practica... Read More »

Minimum Level Entry Requirements for a Computer Science Degree?

The type of degree you are pursuing will determine the minimum entry-level requirements. You can obtain a computer science degree at associate's, bachelor's or master's level. Computer science degr... Read More »

I m a computer science student. i want to purchase a computer.. what should i prefer laptop or desktop?

for Rs.38000 u will get an average laptop, but if u buy a besktop in this Range, then for Rs.38000, u can get a very good desktop woth AMD phenom or Intel Core 2 Duo processor, good motherboard wit... Read More »