What should the humidity be in a greenhouse?

Answer According to the University of Massachusetts Amherst, the best humidity for disease prevention in a greenhouse depends on the temperature. At 50 degrees Fahrenheit, the humidity should be 83 percen... Read More »

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What is the optimal greenhouse temperature&humidity to study grass?

Soil temperature is usually cooler than air temperature, and the ideal soil temperature for grass to grow properly is between 45 and 65 degrees.A misting system helps to maintain a good amount of h... Read More »

What humidity level should I set a dehumidifier?

On One Hand: Low Humidity LevelsAccording to an Associated Press article, "Wrong Humidity Turns Your House into a Hassle" published in USA Today, "if the humidity is too low, it can cause cracks in... Read More »

What should humidity be set to for a cigar humidor?

The ideal condition for a cigar humidor is 70 percent humidity, according to Neptune Cigars; however, a humidity of 65 to 74 percent is adequate. When humidity falls below 65 percent, adding distil... Read More »

What should the humidity level be in a ball python's pen?

Ball pythons require a consistent relative humidity level around 60 percent. Low humidity can cause a ball python problems related to retaining shed skin, dehydration, dry feces or lack of appetite... Read More »