What should the depth on a 24-ft round above ground 48-inch wall be?

Answer Answer I will assume that you are wanting to know the depth of the water for a 24x48" above ground pool. With the wall being 48" in height, I would usually tell the buyer to subtract 4-6" off of t... Read More »

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How many gallons of water is required to fill a 12 foot round 52 inch above ground pool?

Answer Well my pool is 14' round an 36" deep an it took 2200 gallons so your probably looking at around 5000 gallons.

How much chlorine to put in an easy set above ground 15 foot diameter x 42 inch deep above ground pool?

I use 2 tabs of chlorine the 2" tabs in a floater it works well.

If your 54-inch above-ground pool was buried 2 to 3 feet in ground should you back fill with dirt or gravel?

Answer We have a 52"deep 24'round above ground pool that is sunk about 1'deep. The installer, a man with 30+ years experience with these pools, said to always use sand, or at least clean dirt. Th... Read More »

Proper Depth for In-ground Sprinkler Heads?

Installing sprinklers is a good way to provide a steady and even flow of water to your grass or garden. When installing sprinkler heads, consider a few factors so that you install them at the prope... Read More »