What should the bromine level be in a hot tub?

Answer The required level of bromine for a hot tub is 3 to 5 parts per million (ppm), with the suggested concentration being 4 to 6 ppm. Bromine is a chemical used in lieu of chlorine but is sensitive to ... Read More »

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Is bromine a liquid?

Bromine is a liquid at room temperature, unlike other nonmetallic elements. At one time bromine was added to leaded gasolines to prevent lead buildup in engines. Currently bromine is used in indust... Read More »

What Happens If You Mix Bromine & Acetone?

Carbonyl compounds, which are compounds containing a carbon double bonded to an oxygen atom, are very important in biochemistry because they exhibit multiple kinds of reactivity. One of these is il... Read More »

How many protons does bromine have?

Abbreviated "Br" on the periodic table of elements, bromine consists of 35 protons and 35 electrons, which makes its atomic number 35. The element is typically obtained from sea water and was first... Read More »

Does bromine freeze?