What should thank you notes say when set out at the wedding reception?

Answer On One Hand: Thank-You Notes Can Be GenericSince you haven't opened your gifts yet, the thank-you cards that you give to guests at the reception may not differ greatly. Printed cards that thank eac... Read More »

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How Long after the Wedding Should the Bride Send Thank You Notes?

The cost of starting a conventional radio station that can be heard in a person's car or stereo prohibits individuals from becoming radio personalities on their own stations. However, the Internet... Read More »

How long after the wedding should the bride send thank you notes?

According to Emily Post, thank you notes should be sent within three months of receiving the gift. That means that some thank yous should be sent before the wedding if the gift arrived early. Those... Read More »

What do you say in thank-you notes for graduation?

If the gift is an item, mention that item directly ("thank you for the pen"). If the gift is money, mention it in an indirect way, such as "thank you for your generosity," according to an article b... Read More »

How to Word Thank You Notes?

Well, you've gotten something. You want to be polite and send a thank you card, but how?