Do you prefer your cold drinks with ice or not Is it the finishing touch already to a cold drink?

Answer Almost always with ice, it just taste better to me.

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Is cold or hot water best to drink ,i love cold?

Kor keeping your sound sweeter, I prefer hot water... But if it doesn't matter cold water is good.

What are cold chills when sick?

There is often nothing worse than feeling sick. Flashes of being hot and cold can be very uncomfortable. Despite this, cold chills, which are often associated with being sick, are your body's natur... Read More »

I am so sick of cold sores...!?

I know I get them too, they suck and you are right nothing on the market works to get rid of them. My Mother in law swears by putting germolene on them when you feel the tingle, but cant say I hav... Read More »

Do cold sores make you sick?

The symptoms of a cold sore flareup differ from one person to the next. Some people get flu-like symptoms for several days and some people don't. I usually feel sick for 1 or 2 days just before t... Read More »