What should one do if a house does not sell at auction?

Answer After making the decision to unload your house at auction, you may be wondering what recourse you have if the property does not sell. The fact is that there are other strategies to employ, includin... Read More »

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What color should you paint your house to sell it?

On One Hand: Learning From DisneyThe "Disneyland" theory of home sales suggests that the more colorful the exterior of the home, the happier your buyer will feel. For the interior, consider the pur... Read More »

When you sell a house, does the house agency handle everything (in australia)?

This is what the conveyencer does (it does not have to be a lawyer - most house transfers do not involve a lawyer unless you are talking about a multi million dollar house)

Should I short sell my house?

On One Hand: Short Sale Avoids ForeclosureA short sale can be arranged to avoid a costly foreclosure. When a borrower owes more on a house than the house is worth on the open market, the bank is in... Read More »

Should I Lease or Sell My House?

A pair of carnivorous snapping turtles are native to the fresh waterways of Georgia. These reptiles vary greatly in size, shape and ecological niche. Snapping turtles are naturally exclusive to Nor... Read More »