What should one do for itchy stretch marks during pregnancy?

Answer According to the American Pregnancy Association, nearly 90 percent of women will develop stretch marks during their pregnancies. These marks, also called striae, typically develop as a result of ra... Read More »

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What to Use to Prevent Stretch Marks During Pregnancy?

One of the things that expectant mothers do not look forward to is stretch marks. Along with backaches, morning sickness and nausea, stretch marks are one of the things that is highly possible in a... Read More »

During what month of pregnancy do stretch marks appear?

Stretch marks normally appear during the sixth or seventh month of pregnancy and affect 70 percent or more of pregnant women. Stretch marks are not completely preventable, due to genetics, but you ... Read More »

How to Prevent Stretch Marks During Pregnancy?

Any woman who has gone through a pregnancy will tell you that the quick gain and loss of weight will cause you to get stretch marks. The stretch marks that come with pregnancy can be prevented. It ... Read More »

What causes stretch marks to swell and burst as well as feel itchy all over?

It is just bad luck.  there is nothing you can do about it, unfortunate but true.   A very moisturising lotion may help but apart from that it is those danged hormones again. As long as it is yo... Read More »