What should my next YouTube video be about 10 Points to Best Answer!!!?

Answer how to solve a rubix cube:)

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How to make a youtube video 10 points best answer!?

You can upload any videos to the Youtube. But the problem when you use Mobile Cam or any other is the quality. Mobile Cams will give you poor video quality. Ok, anyhow, heres the steps to do that.1... Read More »

Should I leave youtube Please help! 10 points for best answer!?

well i think that if u dislike the youtube videos comments you should leave it. but u say that making videos is your passion so... you have to decide what you prefer. think it like this: will you p... Read More »

Please answer this..a question about youtube (10 points)?

if you have sent them message and before he reads you blocked him then he can't read the message hope it helps

Subscibing on youtube (highest points to best answer)?

When you get on youtube at the home page when it first comes up there is a box. It says subsciptions. In the box is new videos from the people that you have subscribed to.It is basically saying... ... Read More »