What should my liqour be called!!!?

Answer echelon idk what it means but it sounds cooool :)

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Which Bandage should I use What's it called What should I do so it heals?

Read my reply when you reposted the question.

Is it possible to get a liqour license for a bus?

You must read your states open container laws first before you do this !!!

How is the best liqour to drink on ?

Vodka,tequila... pretty much hard liquor.but if you're looking for fruity drinksUV,Four Loko,Smirnoff,Mikes hard, MD20/20.

Is $100 enough for my Liqour this weekend?

I have never heard of Ciroc Patron.Ciroc is a French vodka made from snap frost grapes and Patron is an overpriced tequila. But either way, around here...a bottle of Ciroc is $22, a bottle of Patro... Read More »