What should my glucose levels be while taking Glucophage?

Answer There is no particular blood glucose level that is considered perfect when you are taking Glucophage (metformin). It depends on your individual medical needs and what other medications you're takin... Read More »

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If for a diabetic person blurred vision is after taking food then it is due to high glucose or low glucose.?

It is usually from high blood sugar but it can also be from spiking real high and then crashing to a low. The only way to tell is to use your meter and test your blood. You would need to test bef... Read More »

How to cope with side effects from taking glucophage/metformin?

These effects can lessen with time (a few weeks). You can also ask your doctor to back you down to 500mg for a few weeks until you adjust and then work your way back up. No pun intended, but it wil... Read More »

What are children's glucose levels?

If the first child was Rh positive it is less likely that the jaundice was due to Rh incompatibility unless you had an abortion earlier and did not take anti D. ABO incompatibility is more likely. ... Read More »

What are dangerous glucose levels?

Dangerous blood glucose levels depend on what test is used. A routine blood glucose test over 200 mg/dl, a fasting test over 150 mg/dl, an oral glucose tolerance test over 250 mg/dl and an AIC test... Read More »