My friend got really drunk tonight and is throwing up!?

Answer She really didn't have enough to get alcohol poisoning, let her get it out of her system she should be fine, keep an eye on her. If she starts getting bad though get her to the hospital

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What alcohol should my friend drink tonight (no beer, no rum, no bourbon)?

Friend glucose test tonight was 250 an 600 but between ate only large frosty and peanuts. How to bring down?

Any diabetic has NO business having a "large frosty". The carbs in that are off the wall. THAT is why his sugar went to 600. And a double cheese burger isn't health food either.He needs to meet wit... Read More »

My makeup artist friend did my make up tonight, and i wanna wear it tomorow night. bad idea to sleep in it?

You can sleep in it if you want, but there is no guarantee you won't move around in your sleep and mess the make up "up." It's up to you though.

You seen an advert for criminal minds season 4 on living TV for airing tonight is it not back tonight?