What should my daughter make for dinner tommorow she's 12 years old?

Answer well i just turned 14 and i was very mature when i was twelve, i can cook spagetti, noodles are easy to boil and you can buy sauce in a container thingy lol. ummm also tacos are extreamly easy if s... Read More »

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My ex took my daughter fron ca to ga 5 years ago.I just found out where shes at I pay child support in ca There was never a custody order in ca. Is ther anything I can do?

Answer Take him/her to court. Have someone or a sheriff serve him/her papers

Your child says pinks and purples are green and shes 2 years old should i worry?

She may still be learning her colors. When my granddaughter was two, everything was either "geen" or "boo". And if she is a bit colorblind, it's not a major handicap. Lots of us live with it.

My daughter 3 years old can't pronouce word properly, what should I do?

Keep working with her and ask your pediatrician. I'm sure it's normal. Some kids just take a little bit longer. Try making it into a game. You say a word, then you get her to say it. It'll get bet... Read More »

My daughter just got her period and she is only 10 years old what should I tell her about?

tell her the truth, the process, and emotions that go along with it...girls are growing up too soon both mentally and physically and it is up to the parents or guardians to guide them in the right ... Read More »