What should my daughter know entering kindergarten?

Answer I would say that yes preschool will benefit her but I would also encourage learning at home too and children react different in settings and home environment..learning different things in each situ... Read More »

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How many words does a child have to know before entering kindergarten?

Roadhunt is correct as to how many words a child should know by age 5, as well as being social, etc. However, our child was tested for early entry to Kindergarten, at age 4. And although she was ... Read More »

List of words a child should know before entering kindergarden?

if you mean talking wise they should be able to talk very well and know lots of words. writing they should be able to spell there full first and last name and if they are able to learn fast then th... Read More »

Is it mandatory that my daughter should go to pre-school before starting her Kindergarten?

I'm an early education major, whether or not preschool would be beneficial is a very case by case scenario. Like someone said earlier, in disadvantaged homes preschool is better because the childre... Read More »

What Are Kids Expected to Learn When Entering Kindergarten?

Kindergarten eases children into elementary school's structured environment and teaches them the academic and social skills they'll need for later academic success. A Harvard University study found... Read More »