What should if a preschoolers ran over my foot with a tricycle full force ?

Answer Do you mean how do you take care of your injury? That's a question for another category.Do you mean how to discipline the preschooler? Was the child in your care at the time? If not, you should ... Read More »

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How to Use a Dog Tow Leash With a Tricycle?

A dog tow leash allows an owner to ride a bicycle while walking the dog Many tow leashes also support the dog powering the bicycle or towing it. Many dog tow leashes can be adapted easily to tricy... Read More »

People with a foot fetish, what color should I paint my toes?

If a parent has full custody of a child and lets him live with the non custodial parent can the custodial force him to move back with them?

Answer yes. once you get the child file for a modification of the final order (divorce, paternity, parental rights) whatever type of case it is. Don't be surprised if the other party changes their... Read More »

Foot pain in arches, ball of foot, and toes. What wrong with my feet?

Maybe your feet are telling you that it's time to take a rest.Why don't you give that a try, and see if the pain recedes?