What should i wash my walls with before painting?

Answer On One Hand: Trisodium PhosphateThe Home Depot recommends using trisodium phosphate (TSP) to wash walls before painting. This will remove any dirt and grease so that the new coat of paint adheres b... Read More »

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How to Fix Walls Before Painting?

You just bought the perfect color paint and you can't wait to give your room a face lift. But before you dig in and start applying the paint to the walls, you must first do the prep work, and often... Read More »

Techniques for Painting Walls Red?

Bring energy and warmth to any room by painting the walls red. Whether you choose to incorporate an accent wall in bright red or paint your bedroom a deep burgundy accented with white and yellow, r... Read More »

Is it necessary to prime walls before painting?

On One Hand: Can't Go Wrong With PrimingPriming a wall helps new paint adhere better and results in an even, professional finish, according to an article in the Quad-City Times. In addition, primin... Read More »

What is glaze when painting walls?

The application of glaze is the step taken after the final coat of color paint has been applied and is completely dry. A glaze is used to give depth and to create different textures and patterns on... Read More »