What should i upgrade on my PC?

Answer Sorry but 30 FPS does not count as playable, it might if you are just walking around or if you are playing a really sh1tty game like Call of Duty. You need at least 40-50 for it to be playable in a... Read More »

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What should i upgrade for my computer...?

Don't they sell used PC's in Singapore (where the question comes from) ?The entire PC you have is worth less than $100 in the USA. Everything in it is weak including the brand and type of motherboard.

What should I upgrade, CPU, Video, or Ram?

Looks like your CPU and Video card are fine. Also, upgrading a CPU is usually worthless, because the motherboard bus can only handle so much data throughput, and also, upgrading the CPU is also Ext... Read More »

What should I upgrade first?

Upgrade the cpu first, definitely. you will create bottlenecks either way, but having a cpu > gpu bottleneck is better than a gpu > cpu bottleneck, since you wouldn't be using the gpu's full potent... Read More »

What Nikon lens should I upgrade to?

you don't really "upgrade" lenses per se. You either replace them, or add to your collectionthat being said, the 24-70mm f/2.8 is a beast. Definitely one of Nikon's best lenses for portraits. It wi... Read More »