What should i order at olive garden next time?

Answer soup, salad and breadsticks

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Should San Diegans order shark next time they go out for seafood?

Is that a joke?I'll bite.Punny, very punny.It is a touch ironic that a retired veterinarian is killed by a wild creature.

Can I adjust an Olive Garden order?

The breadsticks at Olive Garden don't have actual butter on them, it's non-dairy margarine, then they are sprinkled with garlic salt.

When you order carryout at Applebee's Chili's or Olive Garden, are you suppose to tip?

Olive Garden should introduce Kung Pao Chicken?

Why? If you want Chinese food, go to Panda Express and leave Olive Garden alone, it's Italian food. By introducing foods NOT common to the Ethnic food group, you confuse the "Brand" and soon you'll... Read More »