What should I make for breakfast!?

Answer Do you have tortillas?You could do a scrambled egg and cheese breakfast burrito.Add salsa, sour cream, hot sauce,lettuce..anything you like in burritos.You could also fry up an egg or two and add c... Read More »

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What should i make my mom 4 breakfast?

You're so nice. Pancakes and eggs are the easiest to make.

What should i have on breakfast?

Are you wanting easy/fast or something that takes a little prep?If you want easy, I vote oatmeal with vanilla soy milk/brown sugar/raisins or oatmeal with peanut butter/banana. If you don't mind so... Read More »

What should i eat for breakfast today?

What should I eat for breakfast today :)?

There are plenty of healthy breakfast options. A lot of these can be purchased at the grocery store or you can make them from scratch. Making small changes to traditional breakfast items can make t... Read More »