What should i look for in an LCD flatscreen tv?

Answer What you should look for is:1080p resolution - so you can see every detail down to your favorite actors wrinkles240Hz refresh rate - suppose to prevent "ghosting" in sports and in action intensive ... Read More »

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How can I fix my flatscreen RCA TV?

Find your owner's manual and look for the procedure to restore the TV to its factory default settings, then do it. If the red distortion is still there and further adjustment of the color controls... Read More »

CRT vs. Flatscreen?

There are flatscreen CRTs. 'Flatscreen' is a physical aspect not necessarily a type of monitor.TFT/LCD are the 'flastscreens' you are referring to. The big bulky monitors are CRT.Now, it all depend... Read More »

My flatscreen TV is messed up?

It sounds like the controller on the TV is worn out. This will probably be expensive to get repaired, so it would probably be a better idea for you to buy a new TV remote instead. There are "univer... Read More »

Where can I buy a cheap flatscreen t.v.?

From that black guy around the corner in the alley.