What should drink if I have the stomach flu?

Answer Ginger ale--Vernors if you can find it.

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What should I have to drink tonight?

Try a bottle of Gallo White Grenache - looks like a Rose wine and is a lovely light drink. The only wine I have ever had where I can pinpoint an individual flavour - it tastes of Strawberries and ... Read More »

What should I eat/drink while I have tonsillitis?

I wouldn't eat ANYTHING containing milk. You might think it would be soothing, but it will just cause a LOT of mucus at the back of your throat and you'll be constantly trying to clear it. (Ever ... Read More »

What should I drink while I have a cold?

Hot tea helps to loosen congestion. Peppermint tea will help unclog your nose if you sniff it. If you have a bad cold, hot sauce helps to loosen the chest. If you don't like hot sauce, you can wate... Read More »

What should we have to drink with dinner?

That meal is just crying out for a big pitcher full of sweet iced tea with lemon. So what DID you serve to drink with it? :)