What should i iPad, macBook, Sanyo xacti cg10, sanyo xacti cs1?

Answer Hi Gianna, and welcome back to Yahoo!Answers: Since this is only your 2nd post, you need to update/correct your Yahoo Profile, since it says your are a 23-year old adult and not a Seventh/Eighth Gr... Read More »

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How do you move the clips from the sanyo xacti vpc-cg10 to windows movie maker?

copy your snnyo video to your computer, and then import the video file into windows movie maker.if you can't see the video in windows movie maker normally, try to change your video into raw-avi, mp... Read More »

Will this lens fit your sanyo xacti fh1?

Canon makes great DSLRs. They have different models for different price ranges, but all take exceptional photographs.

Camcorders... Sanyo Xacti or Flip?

I would go with the Sanyo Xacti:…It has 5x optical zoom which the others don't. You can also expand the storage capacity with an SD card.Maybe the Flip, ... Read More »

Is the Sanyo Xacti camera compatible with a mac computer?

Which Sanyo Xacti?Which MacBook?Are you planning on using iMovie? down to the Sanyo section. Use the links to the notes.