Has anyone seen any xmas decorations up yet?

Answer not yet, but it won't be long I am sure :)

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Should I Get LED Xmas Lights?

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How far are you travelling this Xmas?

Well, we're usually on the road over Christmas.We're a married couple who both live far from our parents. So on Christmas Eve, we're travelling from our home in Bristol, to my parents in Anglesey ... Read More »

Does anyone have there xmas tree up?

From next Monday, people will have their Christmas trees up and festooned with decorations and lights in their gardens.It gets better every year.

It's May, should I take my outside Xmas lights down?

It depends how gaudy they are. If they're fairly subtle, and not so in-your-face when switched off, you may as well leave them up there. If it's the kind that you'd see at a fairground, do your nei... Read More »