What should i get Myspace or Facebook?

Answer you can't get either.........but you can use either of them.

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Should I delete my MySpace for Facebook?

delete the myspace because that might force your friends to get to facebook. Also, facebook is for mature people. As you grow older, more and more will switch to facebook. You just look so much mo... Read More »

I hate social networking, but since people insist, should I do twitter, myspace, or facebook?

Don't be a geek. They are all lame. Do you want to waste your life in front of your computer or your phone? Go to a bar. Now that is cool and you are never too old to go.

What is better myspace or facebook?

Definately Facebook. Myspace gives me the creeps.....

What is better, MySpace or Facebook?

Facebook. I think its a little more mature and for older people in college and stuff, while myspace is for middle schoolers and some high schoolers.