What should i eat after 6 ?

Answer Mainly fruits & vegetables only intake natural sugars & try to just drink water

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You are in Bsc-III year phymathcomputer sci and you want to join NASA so what should you do after your graduationwhich course should you choose?

space is here bcause it has to be when our world goes bang we will be created somewhere else. ily!xoxoxoxo

What should one do after a snake bite?

If its nonvenomous. Treat it like any other wound but be sure to wash it thoroughly as their teeth can carry harmful bacteria ( like every animal ). If it is venomous. Remember that venom travels m... Read More »

What should i do after high school?

What Should I Do After a Shark Attacks Me?

Fewer than 100 people are attacked by sharks each year, according to the National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA). Most people attacked by sharks survive. However, knowing how to react to a s... Read More »