What should i do with the blister (raw skin involved)?

Answer I've had blisters like this before, and the best thing to do is to protect it (band-aids, moleskin, etc), and let the blister pop on it's own. That blister actually acts as a protective covering f... Read More »

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I burned my hand with hot water and I had this big blister and the skin came off, now what should I do?

Since you have had a blister and it has burst you need medical attention due to the fact that you hand has swollen up its sounds like you might have an infection which you may very well need antibo... Read More »

How to cleanse (my old dad's) new skin under removed blister on foot without pain?

I think this is a better question for the doctor.But plain ole soap and water, then allowing it to breathe a little, seems like my likeliest course of action.

Injury in foot underneath skin - looks like blood blister, just poked at it and now it has puss coming out of?

It's no biggy, no worries :) just be careful not to get it infected. Pus is created due to the reaction between some counteracting thing in your body to fight the bacteria. Just apply antiseptic cr... Read More »

Should you pop a blister or leave it alone If you can pop a blister how do you go about doing it safely?

leave it alone because the skin over the fluid is a natural and very effective barrier to infection; but if you MUST pop it in order to walk, wash the area and your hands first with soap and water... Read More »