What should I do with my makeup/ friends opinions?

Answer Just do you and i watched that tutorial just now and it was realy heavy makeup so maybe u could just do a little lighter? but its realy how u want to do it so yea like i do eyeliner on the top lid... Read More »

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My daughter's school friends were mean to her and said she couldn't play with them. What should I do?

Wow. Yes kids can be mean and they tend to form cliques. You could suggest she try and play with another group of girls. What I think is most important here is that you reassure her that she is ... Read More »

My friends computer wont allow him to boot up, it only shows a black screen with weird text. What should he do?

unplug it for a while.then try again. mine does this might take a few trys

Where should I go for vacation with my friends in Ireland?

You can suck my nuts!!!!! :D you will have lots of fun!!!

Should a 6th grader be allowed to go out to lunch with friends?

yeah if there's a adult with them and if they all with a person that is 16 or older