What should i do when the baby hamster is 1 month old?

Answer by 1 month the babies should already be in new homes and separated from the mother by 21-27 days after one week of being separated from the mother they should be gone

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Why is it easier for a baby to survive when it is born in the eighth month rather than the sixth month?

A baby does not have well developed lungs and other vital organs to survive on its own until later in the pregnancy. it is always best to be as close to 40 weeks as possible.

What should the diet be for a 7 month old baby?

A majority of a 7-month old baby's diet should be of either breast milk or formula about 5-6 feedings a day. In addition the baby should eat either fruit and or vegetable at least once a day. The i... Read More »

If baby is 12 month old and has 100.4 fever what should you do?

Give the child fever reducer up to three times then take them to the doctor if it doesnt subside.

What should be the respiratory rate of a 5 month old baby?

Until the age of one a respiration rate anywhere between 25-50 would be considered "normal"