What should i do when my mortgage is almost paid?

Answer On One Hand: Keep Making Regular PaymentsThe interest in mortgages is front-loaded, meaning that as you get toward the end of a loan your payment is mostly principal. You'd be better off keeping th... Read More »

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What Do Mortgage Companies Charge When a Home Mortgage Is Paid Off?

Selling or refinancing a home usually involves paying off an existing mortgage. In calculating a payoff, which will satisfy and zero out the balance, all unpaid fees and interest must be included, ... Read More »

How is interest paid on a mortgage?

Lenders make a profit on the money used to back mortgages by charging the borrowers interest on the loan. The interest is usually paid back over the life of the loan.Monthly PaymentsMost mortgages ... Read More »

Is mortgage interest paid to a 401(k) tax deductible?

If you used the home to secure the loan from your 401(k), you can deduct the interest paid on your federal tax return. If the loan is not secured by the home, the interest is not tax deductible.Ref... Read More »

What Happens if I Paid an Extra Mortgage Payment?

Many homeowners like the idea of paying off their mortgage as quickly as possible. One easy way to do this is by making an extra mortgage payment either incrementally each month or by making the eq... Read More »