What should i do when my computer is infected?

Answer These AV`s are all free and good. I prefer AVG, been using it for 3 years with no problem.…You also could use so... Read More »

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What does it mean when a virus scanner has "quarantined" an infected file on your computer?

In layman's term, putting a virus in quarantine is like putting a suspected criminal in jail where it cannot go anywhere else nor do anything harmful to your computer. Clear enough?

Computer has come up with.. DANGER! Your computer is infected.. what do i do?

Restart your PC and enter with safe mode.Click Start>Programs>Accessories>System tools>System restoreselect system restore at earlier daysselect a date previously your system working normal and res... Read More »

What is the best way to get rid of malware if your computer became infected with this computer virus?

Using another computer this link goes to the forum where there is a thread about these malware infections.…

My computer suddenly is displaying "WARNING YOUR COMPUTER IS INFECTED WITH SPYWARE can i fix it?

Run your anti-spyware in Safe Mode.If you dont have an excellent anti-spyware or your current anti-spyware can't prevent spyware from Invading you computer,download a better one.There are top 5 ant... Read More »