What should i do when my air compressor won't start?

Answer Nailers, air wrenches and other tools can make your air compressor a huge time saver when it comes to do-it-yourself projects. Even a small compressor with at least 120 psi (pounds per square inch)... Read More »

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Why my AC compressor wont turn on?

From the information you give, I suspect that the bearings in the compressor are bad and they are seized so the compressor motor can not make the unit compress the coolant. Two options as far as I ... Read More »

Replaced central air thermostat cant get compressor to start?

The a/c was working....You changed the thermostatThe a/c is not working...I found the problem! Its either the thermostat, wrong wiring, or the fuse.

Even after changing the start relay and the capacitor what would keep a Frigidaire refrigerator compressor from starting and just buzz?

Very possible that the start winding of the compressor motor is partially shorted. A grounded winding would cause a breaker to trip, however, a shorted start winding would not produce enough torqu... Read More »

My new PC wont start!?

try the basicsturn PC OFFunplug and then plug back in (firmly) each end of every cablealso mouse and key board make sure monitor cable the one with 2 screw up fasteners is pushed in firmly and then... Read More »