What should be included in a final home appraisal when refinancing a house?

Answer Refinancing a house requires that you exchange your current mortgage for a new loan. The new loan is used to pay off the old mortgage and replaces it in terms of monthly payments and requirements t... Read More »

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What should you look for when considering a group home for your Down syndrome son?

My first question to them would be about their philosophy concerning the care of children with disabilities. The answer will make all the difference to how he is treated. Next I would ask to see th... Read More »

When should you refinance a home loan?

A home loan or mortgage is often used to pay for the majority of the purchase price of a new home. Mortgages are typically paid back over long periods of time, such as 15 or 30 years, which allows ... Read More »

When should an Alzheimer's patient be put in a retirement home?

Alzheimer's is a progressive disease that will eventually cause significant disruption in the life of both the patient and their family. The decision to care for a family member suffering from Alzh... Read More »

Should I Leave the Outside Lights On When Home Alone?

Sometimes called whirlybird vents, the turbine vents on the roof of homes pull heated air out of the attic in the hot summer months. They also remove cold air in the winter. This function helps red... Read More »