What should i do to unclog the pipes for the toilet?

Answer If you have ever had to clean up an overflowing toilet because of clogged pipes, then you already know how important it is to solve the problem fast when it happens again. If you act quickly, you m... Read More »

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Toilet is clogged - should I just replace it or have someone unclog it?

You have to get aggressive with a plunger. Try 9 or 10 very hard strokes in a row then stop to see if the water goes down. If not, do it again. I have had to plunge for several minutes to get so... Read More »

I spilled some of my Apple Jacks in the toilet during breakfast. Should I worry about it clogging the pipes?

Apple Jacks can become Explosive when mixed with the proper chemicals, some of which, are flushed down the toilet. I would call the Police Bomb Squad and have them come and investigate.

Toilet clogged what is the best way to unclog it?

buy a closet auger about $15 at the home improvement store

How to Unclog an Old Toilet?

Homeowners often attempt to unclog an old overflowing toilet by plunging it. If this effort proves unsuccessful, the homeowner might want to call a plumber. Homeowners can avoid relying on the serv... Read More »