What kind of good snacks should I get, my family is never happy with what I get, but refuse to tell me?

Answer hate swiss rollsyour wife does not enjoy themokay I love oatmeal creme pies

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What beverage should I consume at happy hour later today, to get completely smashed in less than 15 mins?

Long Island Iced Tea. Or have you tried "eyeballing"? You poor vodka right into your eye socket for a quicker drunk. Fecking teenagers.

Should i be happy that i dont have cancer?

Yes, you should be happy you don't have cancer. You are going to be with your girlfriend for a very long time.

Should my friend be happy that she doesnt have cancer?

There is no “should” when it comes to how someone feels.Getting MS is horrible, but she isn’t going to die in 2 years. It will however take a good 10-15 off her life unless we can find better... Read More »

Wasnt it nice to see the RTV SECTION a Happy Happy House again today...?

I think Tony means 'Upstaged ' LOL - I've been busy today so I was too late to answer the questions - but reading through them reminded me of days of yore ! Pleasant AND happy !