What should I do if i'm having a heart attack?

Answer Take an aspirin and call 911. Do not wait you need to be treated right away in order to minimize possible heart (amongst other organ) damage... Go and call now!JAMRDH =a dental hygienist

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What should you do when you're having a panic attack?

Well, usually this is accompanied by shallow breathing which increases anxiety, quickens your pulse and can cause shock. It happens because your senses are overloaded. Logically, you need to shut t... Read More »

I think I am having a heart attack right now. What should I do?

Phone for an ambulance, I know yahoo answers is addictive but this is ridiculous!Unless you are in the USA dont dial 911, dial 999!

A patient is having a heart attack what is the first thing you should do?

the basic management of an MI goes as follows-check responsiveness- GCS scale-check airway-Check breathing-Check circulation- if they have gone into cardiac arrest then initiate basic life supportI... Read More »

I'm having a heart attack, how long do I have till I die And what should I do?

Some people who have a heart attack are dead by the time they hit the floor, not all attacks are fatal and some people have many during their lifetime.If you suspect you are having one and you have... Read More »