What should i do if my house burns down?

Answer House fires can hurt, kill and cost a lot of money. Four thousand Americans die each year in house fires. House fires can spread extremely fast leaving little or no time to gather personal belongin... Read More »

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Can I sue if someone burns my house down?

On One Hand: It's Well Within Your RightsIf someone burns your house down, you are fully capable of legally suing the person convicted of the crime. You may cite a need for compensation due to prop... Read More »

Help. Hot oil spilled on me. What should I do It burns?

NEVER use butter, it makes it worse, old wives tale. Put the burned area in cold water or put ice on it. Try and antibiotic like Neosporin on the infected part, Good luck.

What should the humidity in your house be My house is about 72 degrees and my dehumidifier is set on 40. Huh?

Ideal humidity is 40 to 50. less will affect your sinus' and will cause static electricity while walking on carpets. It can also make wood furniture crack. Over that and you have the chance of mold... Read More »

If I burn down my haunted house and build a new house, will my new house be haunted?