What should i do if my computer has nothing on its screen?

Answer You probably didn't wait long enough for your things to load up on the screen. Be patient. Try deleting excess things such as games, internet toolbars, etc. Also click on tools and delete history t... Read More »

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My computer is stuck on a blue screen when i start it up and nothing happens what can I do?

If it does not beep upon booting or doesn't even come up with anything but a blue screen with no text it is likely a hardware problem, see if your computer is still under warranty to see if you can... Read More »

When I turn my computer on, I get nothing but a black screen.... help!?

If you can read this ... 1) Is the monitor switched on?2) Is the monitor connected to the PC?3) If both the above check and nothing at all shows on the monitor, it may be a fault with the monitor. ... Read More »

I have a problem in my computer,when i turn it on I get nothing on the screen but the power supply is working,?

Check your Motherboard, CPU, and Power Supply.I think your Motherboard is shorted, try the swapping method.

My Ipod touch has a blank white screen and nothing identifies it and the day it started i pulled the ipod out and it was hot what should i do?

Okay, this is what you do. Hold down the middle button (home button), the power button, and the volume DOWN button (make SURE that it's not the Up one. It won't do anything, but it won't fix your ... Read More »