Can a father win primary placement in Wisconsin based on mother's instability such as moving from home to home job to job boyfriend to boyfriend etc?

Answer Answer Absolutely. I did it, based on those factors primarily. However, it does depend on many other factors. I would recommend trying to work with the other parent first. Failing that, you are b... Read More »

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Tips on Moving in With Your Boyfriend?

Many couples take the leap to living together after dating for several years and deciding that they want to take their relationship to another level. It's often through living together that couples... Read More »

How to Tell Your Boyfriend You're Moving to Another State?

Moving can be very hard on many people, especially younger people. If you have a boyfriend, it's even worse. Eventually, you will have to break the news to him, which can be difficult, but not impo... Read More »

My boyfriend and I are going to be moving to Franklin, Mass.?

franklin mass is home to many fine dining establishments, most notably the mc donalds and the burgerking, if you want some down home southern cookin check out the KFC and if you are out lookin for ... Read More »

What should you do if you're 17 and moving to Florida in a month and you just found out you're pregnant and should you tell your boyfriend?

17, Pregnant, & moving to Florida Talk your Mom & Dad...let them know what is going on. Then talk to the father of you child and if he is 17 like you, have you parents talk to with his. You may no... Read More »